Biometric Electronic Signatures

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The Dynamics of a Signature Make It Unrepeatable
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Digital Documents Signed Every Day

Digitise Documents to Reduce Costs

Go paperless while improving customer confidence and your bottom line at the same time with Cursor Insight’s Biometric Electronic Signature system. It works with tablets, hybrid PC’s and signature pads. Trusted by our clients for whom we process tens of millions of e-signatures every year, saving them and their customers valuable minutes at every single transaction.

Key benefits

Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance

Legally binding electronic signatures compliant with the EU’s eIDAS regulations.

Save Time

Save Time

No more printing, stapling and hand-signing of multiple copies. We integrate into existing document management systems.

Save Money

Save Money

Spend less on paper & printing, filing, transporting, archiving, storing and destroying paper documents.

Biometric Verification

Biometric Verification

Automatically verify the genuineness of signatures with our award winning technology. It’s faster and more reliable than a typical human signature evaluator.

Eliminate fraud

Eliminate Fraud

Content of signed documents cannot be manipulated. Our process prevents the theft or the re-use of a signature that was placed on a document.

Communicate and Merchandise

Communicate and Merchandise

Display a custom slideshow on the device when in standby mode. Signed documents can be simply emailed to your clients.


Advanced E-Signatures for Banks

Protect your business critical contracting processes with Cursor Insight’s audited, eIDAS compliant Advanced Electronic Signature solution. Digitise all your paperwork for all your client segments.

Our Advanced Electronic Signature solution provides the level of legal compliance of traditional, ink-signed financial services contracts. Within our carefully designed and patented IT process we use military grade encryption, timestamps and organisational certificates. Implementing our solution makes it impossible for anyone to legally dispute a signature or the content of an electronically signed document.

Sample Signed Document

A signed document

We eliminated the need for personal signing certificates or chip cards and PINs. By signing the screen of a tablet or a signature pad, you are able to identify your client and instantly bind the signature to the document displayed on the very same screen. This guarantees the highest level of customer confidence. We can also integrate other user identification methods, such as smartcards, fingerprint scanners and palm vein scanners.


Signature Hardware

Although our solution is device-independent, Cursor Insight is the approved sales and integration partner of signotec.
We recommend signotec’s advanced security signature devices to complete our e-signature and signature verification solutions.


Why we recommend signotec signature pads

  • Devices specifically built for capturing signatures on touch screen
  • Used by banks, insurance companies and multinational service providers all around the world
  • Providing the highest possible security on the e-signature market:
    • hardware-based encryption of the signers’ biometric data
    • RSA signing of each essential step of creating the e-signature
  • Durable, ergonomically designed devices made in Germany
  • Programmable screen to be used for merchandising while in standby

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