Your cursor movement is your emotional signature


A brand new insight in online marketing

  • Tap into our cursor motion based user analytics
  • Recognise latent personality traits & predict user behaviour
  • Increase click through and conversion

Electronic signatures and user identification

  • Legally compliant advanced e-signature solutions
  • Supporting paperless document management
  • World class automatic signature verification

Cutting edge machine learning technology

  • Real time cursor movement analysis in browsers and apps
  • Analysing thousands of movement characteristics
  • Seamless integration, no impact in user experience

Be part of our ongoing research and take our anonymous, 5-minute personality test now.

We analyse cursor movements in real time to reveal latent personality traits. Clients can integrate our tracker code in their websites and apps. We only work with the anonymous cursor movement data and return our personality trait or user behavior prediction in a few seconds.

Winner of the SigWIComp2015 online signature verification competition

Complete advanced e-signature solutions

  • Securely sign legally binding, eIDAS compliant electronic documents
  • Automatically verify the authenticity of handwritten signatures with our award winning technology
  • Proudly offering signotec signature devices from the world’s leading manufacturer

We are hiring!

There are many ways to be part of the Cursor Insight story.

  • Build the world’s best cursor motion analysis technology
  • Create the web analytics tool that advertisers only dream of
  • Help us implement the most secure electronic signature solutions boosted with our very own automatic signature verification tool

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